Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Madison's Crazy Mission Adventure Begins

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Philippines Tacloban Mission.
January 13, 2013 was Madison's Missionary farewell.
Almost the whole Kramer/Webster/Follis Family

Even though Ryan, and his daughter Bentley and Kara's husband Perry were not able to attend. They were here in spirit.
Friends last night together. Many other friends were unable to come due to bad weather.

Madison had over 200 hundred friends and family attend her farewell. Several who traveled in terrible weather conditions to be here with her. It was busy but wonderful times for all of us. So fun to see all of the love and support that comes when the choice is made to serve a mission. What a wonderful sacrifice and blessing all wrapped up in one.

Madison and her mom were able to travel to Cardston, Alberta, Canada to visit her grandparents Dean & Enola Berezay prior to her reporting to the MTC. Due to her grandparents being elderly and struggling with health issues it is difficult for them to travel. They were so sad to miss her farewell. The trip meant a lot to Madi and to them. It was a super fun trip and she was able to see many of her Canadian Aunts, Uncles and cousins who mean the world to her. We might have used Makenzie's passport to make the trip. But to my knowledge there is no proof of that claim. You will have to prove it Eh!
Grandpa Dean Albert Berezay and his bride Grandma Enola Blanch Hoyt Berezay - No grass growing under these two.

Many of Madi's friends came to visit Tuesday night before she left. They had dinner together and then attended the Davis High School basketball game where her best friend Braden was playing. Not sure if she was supposed to go as we ran out of gas on the way and were stranded for a bit until her dad came to save the day. It is difficult to leave friends behind who have been such a great example in your life. As the saying goes if you want to know who you are look at your friends. Madison has been blessed with wonderful friends.

What we thought would be a one of our most difficult days turned out to be a wonderful experience. After the whirlwind that started the day that Madi opened her call on December 19, 2012 to the day that we would finally take her to the MTC January 30, 2013. Our final evening and day together were amazing. Madi was set apart to the calling of a full time missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 9:00 PM, January 29, 2013. It was a wonderful experience for the four of us to share with her. Stake President Jeff Ostler, Bishop Rob Smoot, his councilors Steve Rohwer and Ryan Andreasen came to our home to perform the setting apart. It was wonderful to hear the blessings that were specific to Madison and her opportunity to serve in the Philippines. The next morning as we prepared to leave for the MTC. Everything was done except for some final packing and list checking. It was another wintery day here in Utah and we were traveling in snow all the way to Provo.

We arrived around 11:00 AM and met up with Jason & Caitlin Schow and their cute son Nixon for lunch. Jason also served in the Philippines Cebu Mission 4 years ago.

 After lunch we found our way to the MTC and like many, many other missionary families found our way to the Provo Temple for goodbye hugs and pictures.It was amazing to see all of the missionaries arriving at the MTC many of which were sisters. Sister Kramer is so excited to serve her heavenly father that it was extremely easy to say those final goodbyes as we hugged on the sidewalks outside the Missionary Training Center.
Sister Madison Bailee Kramer has definitely arrived!
This Hug is going to need to last for 18 months! I do not like it!

Mom & Her Girls!

Saying Good Bye after 19 Years 3 Months 24 Days & 4 1/2 hours of life together.

Dad & Madi

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