Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Batch Reunion

Missionary Madi calls all of the sisters and elders who were in the MTC together her batch. So all of the sisters and elders who traveled to the Philippines at the same time are part of her batch. At the Sister Training she was able to see all of the sister missionaries from her batch. It looks like they were able to do a little shopping and have some fun while they were all together in Tacloban.
Familiar Faces
MTC Companions - Sister Gaono/Lifa

Love Sister Sevilla - She taught Missionary Madi so much.

Sister Schaap & Missionary Madi - Loving their fresh pineapple.
Filipino Basketball Fans! Missionary Madi thinks Miami won this game.
Shout out to BK - Mustang Love!
Stake President and his family

Sister Missionary Training

Missionary Madi went into Tacloban for her Sister Missionary Training. They traveled for 3 hours on Wednesday and then had there training on Thursday. 10 Hours of training after 5 hours of sleep the night before. She told us not to worry "I promise I listened!" Her and Sister Campbell missed the bus home and got to spend one more night in Tacloban. I think they might of planned it. 
Where is Missionary Madi? There she is the tall, beautiful blond.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Worldly Love

Missionary Madi has one worldly love. She is obsessed (truly) with T Swift. She thinks that all things T Swift are awesome. She loves the number 13 because T Swift loves the number 13 and thinks it is super lucky! So Missionary Madi went to this store called Robinson's which is apparently all things American (Fun Fact - She was super excited that they even have cheese. Cheese is not something that is available in the Philippines where she is) When she found this add for Keds. She was apparently super excited.

If you notice in several of her pictures she is wearing her purple T Swift bracelet - apparently the only accessory that an all American girl needs.
Super Excited about this T Swift Advertisement!

Which one is T Swift? What color are your Keds?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sister Babies.......

Missionary Madi continues to WOW us!

Beautiful Blond Filipino Missionary Madi!
It is always fun to hear from Missionary Madi. Sister Kramer and Sister Campbell were in the MTC at the same time. She refers to them as co comps. I asked her what that meant. She said because they are both babies and have been in the mission field for such a short time neither one of them are the senior companion. Because they are sister babies they are full of energy and excitement and are both working so hard to find those in search of the gospel. Missionary Madi states that they are being blessed and have had their hard work bring them success. They love preaching the gospel. They had two of their investigators show up at church and it was the happiest day! Success! 
This is an extremely BIG leaf!

These girls are both blond as you can see. Apparently Sister Campbell has locked Missionary Madi in the bathroom on several occasions, she is left to call her name until she is released from her bathroom prison. Sister Campbell struggles with Cebuano (she speaks it well but does not understand what is said to her) and Missionary Madi says she keeps agreeing to terrible things as she agrees with everything people say to her.
Sister Campbell and Missionary Madi obviously have fun with each other.

As always Missionary Madi reminds us of the beauty that surrounds her. All of which pales in comparison to our beautiful blond missionary.
Sweet Sunsets
All is well.......

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Companion

Missionary Madi was surprised and excited to welcome her new companion. Sister Campbell is from Australia and was in the MTC with Sister Kramer. Typically they would have had her serve with another trainer but she states they skipped that and they are two white girls sharing the gospel in the Philippines. They have already had some great experiences and Missionary Madi says that she cannot believe what she has accomplished in such a short time. Her testimony is growing in leaps and bounds as she knows that she is not alone in this. She is being blessed by a loving Heavenly Father who is teaching and leading and guiding her to those who are in search of the gospel.
New Sister Missionary Companions - Sister Campbell & Sister Kramer
Missionary Madi says that her and Sister Campbell are the only two in their batch (missionaries that arrived from the MTC at the same time) to be together. She does not know what the mission president was thinking. It is also a little scary to be just with another white girl. They have already had some interesting experiences. But not to fear - they are protected. 
Let your light so shine!


Missionary Madi experienced her first transfer. To her surprise Sister Sevilla was transfered on to be a trainer and Missionary Madi was left behind and got her first companion instead of another trainer. She will really miss Sister Sevilla they were great companions and enjoyed serving together. She was an answer to our prayers for Missionary Madi. We prayed her first companion would be enthusiastic, full of energy and on fire like Missionary Madi. She was all of those things and more. She made the transition form the MTC to living in the Philippines a wonderful experience for Missionary Madi. They will miss each other. Missionary Madi will forever be grateful for all that Sister Sevilla taught her.
Sister Sevilla and Sister Kramer - Fun loving companions.
 Notice Sister Sevilla's new super cute shorter haircut. This was after three different salon's cut her hair. Two bad hair cuts, plus one good hair cut and she has a new cute do.
Missionary Madi! Represent! Sister!
Beautiful Sister Missionaries
 Missionary Madi will miss Sister Lourdes Sevilla. She transferred to Tacloban on Tuesday, June 4, 2014
Sister Sevilla's last Family Home Evening in Matalom

More Missionary Madi Mania

Big week for Missionary Madi. We will start with the mundane and unexciting things such as the ceiling falling in above her bed during a huge rain storm. In the words of Missionary Madi "Gross!"
Luxury Filipino Accommodations!
Then there is this small, yet frightening creature that was first spotted on the door into their apartment. What is this creepy creature? A BAT! Not a good roommate to accept! I informed Missionary Madi. She stated that there might have been some screaming and screeching coming from their hiding place under the table where they hid as the bat flew wildly around the kitchen. This is when they realized this creature had taken residency in their apartment and they have no idea how to serve it a eviction notice.
Missionary Madi's Edward!

I did contact the mission office to let them know that I was a little concerned about bats and leaks in the ceiling in her living quarters. However I am afraid that this is probably right up there in timeliness as the notification of her safe arrival in the Philippines.

Missionary Madi had us send her a jump drive with music on it. When she got it only two songs worked "Sisters in Zion & Army of Heleman". They loved the two songs, but you can only hear the same two songs over and over again for so long. She stated she paid a member way to much money to put some more songs on the jump drive for her. It seems to have made her really happy.
Gospel Rock Concert! I do not think the devil horns work with gospel music.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Filipino Style - Laid Back!

We were totally amused when we received a letter from Missionary Madi's Mission President Jose V. Andaya, letting us know that she had arrived safely in the Philippines. This is a fabulous thing to receive when you send your daughter to a third world country. It brings a lot of comfort to anxious parents. However we received our letter 2 1/2 months after Missionary Madi arrived in the Philippines. Good thing we did not break any of the rules and suggestions that he sent to us. 
The Kramer Family needs a lot of direction!
Missionary Madi has arrived safe & sound! Good to Know!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elder Kramer/Skin Issues Update/Monkey Caves

Prior to leaving on her mission Missionary Madi was informed that her plaque that hung at the church was in the name of "Elder Madison B. Kramer" rather than "Sister Madison B. Kramer". She found this delightful. Well the Elder title continues, her zone t shirts that they just received lists her as E. Kramer instead of S. Kramer. Maybe there is a change coming in the church we are not aware of. When she first decided to serve a mission Kenzie excitedly told her "you get to be an Eldress (no such title in the church)!" Perhaps Kenzie was correct after all.
Sister Sevilla, Sister Culango, Sister Pettijohn, ELDER KRAMER
Missionary Madi's foot condition was not caused by Bee Stings as I assumed. Due to her method of communication I apologize that I am somewhat mislead now and then. I cannot go back and erase my previous blog entries so you will just have to come along on this ride with me. Her foot that was so bad is improving but now her other foot has similar conditions. I am amused that she totally does not think it has anything to do with her humorous rubber shoes. Notice how the condition is basically right where her open soars are. If you ask me this equation pretty much sums it up (heat + humidity + bare skin + hours of walking daily + unclean conditions + cheap rubber shoes = Mad Foot Disease)!
Rubber Shoes - Need I say More As Si would say "You don't need to be a physician to diagnose this."
Missionary Madi is happy to be able to work again. She was feeling pretty down for the time that she was not able to work due to her foot condition. She is excited to be able to fulfill her desire to serve the people of the Philippines. She has had some fun adventures with her travels to Tacloban to see the doctor. As always she meets each new challenge with a heavy dose of humor and "walks it off" as she tells her dad. We are so proud of this brave little warrior.

Another visit to the Monkey caves for her preparation day!
Monkey See, Monkey do

Missionary Madi Loves her "Sick, Korean Popstar T Shirt"
Beauty - Always love the SMILE
Some of that humor I was talking about! :)
Missionary Madi - Tattoo Tease - "I got a tattoo KK" Recycle, circle of life, what goes around comes around.....

Device they listen to music from a USBS (jump drive)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

4 Months - ZOOM......

Missionary Madi has served for four months already. It seems surreal that is has already been four months however she has been missed immensely in our lives. I exert a lot of energy on not allowing anyone to forget this beautiful blond girl and making sure she knows that she is not forgotten. She is my little companion at all times. No matter the time of day she is with me and a constant in my life.
We love her, We miss her, We support her!
Sister Kramer's Peeps - Cheer Squad - Super Supporters!

Love a Missionary

8 Dayz Homiez

Sister Madi has her travel plans. She leaves March 12, 2013 from the Salt Lake City Airport at 8:00 AM has a layover in Seattle, Washington (So tempting for Kara, Perry & Family - Her sister who lives in Tacoma, WA). From there to Tokyo then Manilla. Oh! My where has the time went.
Super fun week got to see Elder M. Russel Ballard speak at there devotional. She learned to not call her companion sickos(which is super awesome and cool in America) but her companion (kauban) thinks she is saying she is sickly and does not appreciate being referenced to in this way. Missionary Madi tried to explain but her kauban that it means your cool not unhealthy but she is sure that her kauban does not actually believe her. It is only slightly obvious that Missionary Madi is beginning to grow and understand the mission that she has taken on. She will do great!

Missionary Madi's District

Temple with her Philippine Sisters

Charlie's Sisters????

Sister Kramer & Elder Kyle Green