Sunday, July 6, 2014

Perisite - Maybe - Maybe Not

Missionary Madi finally was able to e-mail. She bribed Sister Duke to let her out of her apartment. I am sure Sister Duke was anxious also to communicate with her family. It appears both sister missionaries have had some struggles with their health this last week. Could be the "rats"? Just saying! Illness set aside they continue to work hard and focus on sharing the gospel. They had a wonderful baptism on Saturday in the Ocean! Missionary Madi's favorite place for the baptisms to be performed. Why get baptized in a font at a church when you have a perfectly good ocean?

"We had a baptism obviously. It was so stressful and this was the day that I started getting sick so it sucked. But it all turned out and it was Prelyn and it was sooooo good. She has been my most excited baptism. It was so cute. We had it in the dagat (ocean) again and the members hated it. idk why these people who live on an island hate the ocean so much haha but Prelyn thought it was awesome and she is the one who counts so it was all worth it. At the end when she was baring her testimony I lost it because she lost it and it occurred to me that this could be my last baptism as Sister Kramer. Such a sad thought."
Missionary Madi has been very ill. 103 degree fever. Migraines. Throwing up. Body aches all over. She silently has struggled with a many health issues while serving her mission. Apparently the positives far outweigh the negatives as she never complains and keeps it all to herself. Prayers for Missionary Madi. They are not sure what is causing this latest illness they think it might be a parasite. Eek! Nothing stops these two sisters from smiling and having a good time.

17 Months

Missionary Madi may not be able to communicate with us due to being ill, but that does not stop us from counting down the months that she has served. Now we will be counting down the days until we see her again. Time moves much slower now that we are near the end. There are 17 issues of Seventeen magazine in a chest waiting for her to return. Perfect choice for this months celebration.
 Love is not about how much you say I love you 
but how much you prove that it's true.


We are on the count down. I even went so far as to write in my journal and post on Facebook that only 3 more opportunities to e-mail our missionary. Well I guess you could say this is one of those examples of "Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch." One of those phrases that your parents use or school teachers which one chalks up to "senile nonsense!" Well this is how the evening went.

Elder Burton who is in Missionary Madi's zone sent us this communication:

"The Kramer Family"
"This is Elder Burton, Sister Kramer is doing great.. They had a great Baptism last Saturday! She wanted me to send you a email letting you know she will email you maybe tomorrow or the next day when she gets feeling better! Your daughter is doing great things in Palo, she loves you all.. she is not that sick.. but they might have to take one of her legs.. just kidding she is fine just has a fever and her body aches.. She is also working on your plans when you get here so do not worry.. (:"
"Boo! You are funny. Who needs two legs? Tell Sister Kramer her mama loves her.
Love Mama DK"

Elder Burton:

"Ha ha she seems like she could get around pretty OK with 1 leg.. Ya I will make sure to tell her"


"Does this mean Sister Duke cannot email either? Did I already say BOO?"
Elder Burton:
"Ha ha ya Sister Duke is stuck in the house.. don't worry I took your daughter medicine and snacks this morning.. ha ha she is just passed out in her room.. saying that the bananas I gave her taste like rubber... the sickness is getting to her head.. haha"

We were disappointed to not get to hear from our girl. The one e-mail a week is pretty critical for our family to know that Missionary Madi is alive and well.

Then Tuesday we received this e-mail communication from the Philippines Tacloban Mission Office, Travel Secretary Elder Maramba:
Dear Sister Kramer,

                Your daughter(Sister Kramer) want’s to send you her email and this is what she says

Hello Mother,

                Sorry I still haven’t emailed. I’m not dying, in fact I am feeling much better but they won’t let me get out of bed (I’m so bored). I will be emailing tomorrow. I love you and I miss you.

Sister Kramer

Thank you,

Elder Maramba
 Philippines Tacloban Mission
     Travel Secretary 
Moral of this story! 
"Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch."