Sunday, September 29, 2013

Only in America.....

Missionary Madi had a tough week! Broke a tooth that was already bugging her (what you get for snacking on Skittles - yummy American treats). Her real dilemma was the fact that dentistry in the Philippines is still a little sketchy. They might be a little behind the American Dentistry Standards. However she found a reputable dentist who provided her some comfort. This week she will go back for a crown (hopefully it will not be GOLD and have SISTA engraved on it). Missionary Madi always keeps us guessing. Apparently she has had issues with constantly throwing up for the past two months and they cannot figure out why (again I am sure medicine is also just a BUNCH behind American Standards). This girl never complains and does not want us to worry. It takes some major occurrence for her to share a little more of the real story regarding living life in the Philippines. Surprise it is not all flowers and glitter living across the world in a third world country, but you will never hear her say that. Again our missionary is SIMPLY AMAZING!
I love the glass of water for rinsing. Actually looks reasonable, Right?
   Missionary Madi worst day EVER = Spilled Hot Chocolate before you even get a SIP!

Always happy and thankful for Sister Sevilla! Missionary Madi is fluent in Cebuano and Tagalog thanks to her.
Missionary Madi still likes to keep it real with a little American Flare. She 
was super excited to get her mommy love package with all the fixings for Chocolate
Chip Cookies. Add some ice cream and they turned that into one of her favorite 
treats from home. Pizza Factory dessert "Never on Sunday". Sassy fingernails with 
Glitter were one of her favorite past times from home. Fun! One thing she always 
Knows how to have with Sister Adasme at the Family Week Parade.
Love her smile - Hope she can keep those teeth until she get's home. Prayers for Missionary Madi!

Monday, September 16, 2013

What you doing?

Missionary Madi's weekly updates to us here in Utah would not be complete without some fun pictures. Apparently much to her dismay this week the Zone Leaders told her and Sister Adasme that they were moving. There was much confusion surrounding this move but after much discussion the sisters started packing and preparing for the move. This must be some type of sick missionary humor as once they were completely packed for the move the Zone Leaders let them know they were joking. Missionary Madi does not really look like she thought it was humorous. It makes me giggle (don't tell her)!
Where did she find this outfit! Asian Fashion Consultant!
 Missionary Madi loves the Filipino kids and it looks like they kind of like her too!
Helping her Filipino boyfriend with his homework

By this shall men know ye are my disciples......

Missionary Madi and Sister Adasme were able to witness the baptism of one of their investigators Dan Maries. It was beautiful and Dan Maries uncle, brother Ymas was able to preform the baptism. He has been a less active but has started attending his meetings in preparation for the baptism. There were not many in attendance to celebrate this awesome day with Dan Maries, yet it was very special.
Sister Kimberly Adasme, Ymas, Dan Maries & Missionary Madi

Missionary Madi feels so blessed to have been able to witness so many people accepting Christ as their savior, entering the waters of baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Newest member Sister Dan Maries
Ymas & Dan Maries

Off the Chainnnnnn!

Missionary Madi let us know that she is a true Phili! Apparently partaking in the eating of balut is all that is required. Living in the country, speaking Cebuano, doing your laundry in a bucket, using the bathroom with out toilet paper, riding in a tricycle does not make the experience authentic. You are not truly immersed in the culture until you partake of the Filipino delicacy of eating Balut!

Missionary Madi states "We ate balut. Yup! Barf. I ate a duck, wings, beak and feathers and all. I wish I could send videos it was awful and I freaked out. The Poly's we were with just downed it."

Balut eggs are fertilized duck (sometimes chicken) eggs that are at the stage of development where there is a nearly developed embryo inside. The balut egg then boiled and usually eaten with salt, just like a normal boiled egg. In the Philippines the perfect balut egg is normally 17 days old, the point where the chick does not have beak, bones or feathers. Balut eggs can typically be purchased from a street vendor who keeps them warm in a bucket of sand. 
Eeek! Bag full of Balut eggs!
A balut or balot is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines

The Filipino and Malay word balut (balot) means "wrapped" – depending on pronunciation.

Fertilized duck eggs are kept warm in the sun and stored in baskets to retain warmth. After nine days, the eggs are held to a light to reveal the embryo inside. Approximately eight days later the balut are ready to be cooked, sold, and eaten.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Seen Around Town

It is evident that there is always mischief to be found by the sister missionaries. I love posting the pictures so everyone can see their silly antics. I also know that the day will come when this blog is a fun way for Missionary Madi to reminisce serving in the Philippines. 
These people and places will forever change who she is  and who she will become. 
Pretty sure she will blame this on the Polynesian Sisters
I love our missionary.
XOXO This Mama Agrees XOXO

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I am always amazed at the beauty that surrounds Missionary Madi. This week her and Sister Kimberly Adasme worked really hard and visited all of their investigators about 4 times. They are starting to have some success and the spirit is testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel to those they are teaching. Missionary Madi told of a funny experience when they were out working:

We met a lot of interesting people this week. I mean we always do but like it was an extraordinary amount this week. Or exceedingly large amount? idk. You guys get what I’m saying. anywho for ex we met this tricycle driver named Danny who thinks he can speak English but he totes couldn’t and I could not understand him and he like refused to speak to us in Cebuano. We told him our names and somehow he heard that my name was Aubrie...and sis Adasme’s was Michelle. It was hilarious. We kept laughing and he was like Aubrie why are you laughing? And then I wouldn’t answer so he would say Michelle why is Aubrie laughing hahahahha it was so funny. He also thought that sis Adasme was deaf or something or couldn’t speak because she never did....she is a little shy but we are working on it :) she is quite the character:) OK maybe this story isn’t that funny maybe you had to be there...sorry!
                                                                       Feels like Family
Missionary Madi was happy to see Sister Judd from her last area

Rainy Days & Mondays

Missionary Madi and Sister Dumas got a little wet during a rain storm this last week.

It rained like a mother the other day. OK I shouldn’t say that sorry. It rained really hard and we got drenched. We were out for like 20 seconds in the rain from the street to our house and we were dripping so then of course we had to continue to play in it :) duh right? I didn’t get sick though so the Philis must be cray cray. They think the sun and rain on your head makes you sick. They walk around with like towels or bags (no joke bags) on their heads. I always think of the quote off of the Grinch “Why do you have a bag on your head?”
 the grinch photo: Grinch Grinch.png
Silly Sisters

For PDay this week the missionaries in Missionary Madi's zone got to go to a lake and do some exploring. Missionary Madi loved it however there might have been some complaining about not being allowed to do all the things the boys get to do. It is rainy season and Missionary Madi is not loving it. She says it makes her want to stay in bed and sleep. Lucky it looks like Monday was a beautiful sunny day!
Sister Adasme & Sister Kramer Twinpanions!
Polynesian Sisters = Posaway (Rule Breakers)
Utah Sisters!