Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last Week Fools

Missionary Madi has reached a point where as they say "It's all over but the crying!" Her mission is coming to end. Time is moving too fast. Focusing on the work of sharing the gospel while preparing mentally for life after her mission is a tough balance. Missionary Madis' mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will end July 30, 2014. She will have to return to life as she knew it prior to serving a full time mission in the Tacloban Philippines Mission. In a matter of days her parents and twin sister will board a plane headed for the Philippines to spend 9 days exploring the world that she now calls home.......
Only to be whisked away to the world they and she once called HOME.

"There is no way that it has already been 18 months!"
"It went by soooooo fast. I can't freaking accept it. To be honest it doesn't feel real yet but I have like a million people who won't stop reminding me so that helps...haha I swear my whole ward knows. It has been getting us a lot of pity dinner appointments tho :) So no complaints."
"Don't worry the typhoons have passed on to the more wicked parts of the world. I hope they don't come back here when the Kramer's show up.....:)"
"I want to thank everyone for all their support and love to me throughout my mission"
"Siguro ito ang last time nga magsulat ako ha cebuano/waray...halo halo ako hindoro yano. magpasalamat ako ha iyo ug ha aton Dios ug ha akon oportunidad ha nakapagserve og mission. diri ko marraam kay ano blessed ako ha serve paro marraam ako nga ha akon kinabuhi mas iba kon waray ako nagserve."
"This has been the best experience of my life."
 "GO ON A MISSION PEOPLE. you will not regret it."
We have a good busy week ahead of us and around Saturday or Sunday I am going to make myself do my packing. I am not excited.
"I love you all sooooo much!! 
For the last time 
Love, Sister Kramer"

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