Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tacloban Philippines

We were so blessed to stay in the heart of Tacloban. We were next to a Jollibee's which is the Filipino version of McDonalds. Our hotel was the Z Pad. It was a great place to stay. We had a kitchen and living room area with 3 separate bedrooms that each had a bathroom. It reminded us of a dorm room here in the USA. Scott and I were happy to actually have a double bed. It was neat and clean and very comfortable.

Our expectation prior to leaving Utah was that we were basically going to take one bag (a backpack) and that in many ways we pretty much would be camping. We were pleasantly surprised by our fabulous accommodations and never missed the luxury's of home.
Directly Across the Street - View from our sitting room window!
The craziest part about this hotel is that on both sides of it and directly across the street were typical Filipino homes. The humbleness of their homes was striking to us however I am sure they felt as comfortable and blessed as we do in our homes here in Utah.
For the most part is was pretty quiet but as soon as it started to get dark there was lots of activity. People coming and going laughing and having a good time. I was so impressed with how clean and well dressed everyone was as they exited these meager living conditions.

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  1. And pope francis will visit tacloban next month. So blessed! :)