Sunday, November 24, 2013

Boat Ride to Cebu

Missionary Madi was able to Skype with us once she reached the mission home in Cebu. Her and approximately 60 plus missionaries had no contact from any of their leaders. The Elders and Sisters made the decision that they needed to get to Cebu. They pooled their funds, gathered their belongings, boarded a Jeepnee and headed for the Ormoc port and took a boat to Cebu. Missionary Madi was overwhelmed for all that happened after their arrival in Cebu. She said she was in culture shock as there was not any damage in Cebu. She had become so accustomed to the devastation that surrounded them in Ormoc that it was strange and felt like she was in a dream to be in Cebu and there not be any damage. What I admire most about all of these events is that the missionaries all made the best of a tragic situation.

Missionary Madi states that when they got to the Cebu Mission Home all of the senior missionaries were so good to them. The senior sister missionaries had baked them chocolate chip cookies, Snickerdoodle cookies and brownies. Missionary Madi stated that she was eating them and had tears running down her cheeks as she thought they were the best things she had ever tasted. The missionaries were exhausted, hungry and elated all at the same time.

The senior missionaries (the ones we spoke to Elder & Sister McDonald from Heber, Utah were on a Temple Mission serving in the Cebu Temple as ordinance workers) upon learning of the arrival of all of these missionaries prepared a room with tables laid out with their personal phones, laptop computers and allowed the missionaries to contact their families in any method they choose via Phone, E-Mail & Skype. Let me tell you as a parent I love each one of them for there generosity. Our children needed that communication desperately. They were all still in survival mode. We know for sure that Missionary Madi did not sleep that night. She told us "Sleep is for the weak!"
Twin Sister Love

The plan was that the missionaries would be fed and be allowed to shower and sleep in Cebu. The following morning they were to board a plane headed for Manila to meet up with other missionaries from the Tacloban Philippines Mission. There they would find out where they would serve the rest of their missions. They would also receive medical and emotional support.
I AM ALIVE AND WELL PEOPLE!! I love you all so much and I am so thankful for your prayers. please continue to pray for those here in Phili. I am in Cebu now and headed to Manila in the a.m. but  I am safe and sound but all my fam dam there in Tacloban is still suffering so please pray for them always. I will keep you all updated on my crazy adventure. LOVE YOU ALL!!
Cebu Temple

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