Thursday, November 7, 2013

Filipino Halloween - Not for the faint hearted

Missionary Madi always cracks us up whenever there are events that interfere with her work (pretty sure that is the lords work). Apparently Halloween happens to be one of those such events. In the Philippines they do not celebrate Halloween on October 31st like we do here in America. They do celebrate on November 1st the Day of the Dead. She states they light candles forming a path up to their homes so that their dead family & friends can find their way. Sleeping in the cemetery for the evening sounds like the scariest thing ever. I am thinking she should go easy as I am pretty sure there are a few people who think Mormons are beyond strange.
Getting her Weave On!

The Philippines

Day of the Dead celebrations in this country are similar to those held in Mexico, as the people do not take them wholly seriously and try to have fun. Coffins are placed across some areas of the major cities and people jump out to try and scare passers-by. Overall, the celebrations are lighter and less gloomy when compared to some other countries.
Watermelon Carving replaces Pumpkin Carving
Due to the fact that they could not go out and share the gospel the Sister's decided to dress up for Halloween American Style. I love Sister Adasme but I am thinking that her witch costume rivals any of the scary Day of the Dead celebrations the Filipino's might have held.

Missionary Madi had a meeting at the church and they were waiting for her turn. One of the Elders took these pictures. They could not believe that she could just fall asleep like this so fast. I told her it reminded me of all of our road trips. As soon as the car starts and the travel prayer is over this is what her road trip participation looks like. 


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