Sunday, July 6, 2014

Perisite - Maybe - Maybe Not

Missionary Madi finally was able to e-mail. She bribed Sister Duke to let her out of her apartment. I am sure Sister Duke was anxious also to communicate with her family. It appears both sister missionaries have had some struggles with their health this last week. Could be the "rats"? Just saying! Illness set aside they continue to work hard and focus on sharing the gospel. They had a wonderful baptism on Saturday in the Ocean! Missionary Madi's favorite place for the baptisms to be performed. Why get baptized in a font at a church when you have a perfectly good ocean?

"We had a baptism obviously. It was so stressful and this was the day that I started getting sick so it sucked. But it all turned out and it was Prelyn and it was sooooo good. She has been my most excited baptism. It was so cute. We had it in the dagat (ocean) again and the members hated it. idk why these people who live on an island hate the ocean so much haha but Prelyn thought it was awesome and she is the one who counts so it was all worth it. At the end when she was baring her testimony I lost it because she lost it and it occurred to me that this could be my last baptism as Sister Kramer. Such a sad thought."
Missionary Madi has been very ill. 103 degree fever. Migraines. Throwing up. Body aches all over. She silently has struggled with a many health issues while serving her mission. Apparently the positives far outweigh the negatives as she never complains and keeps it all to herself. Prayers for Missionary Madi. They are not sure what is causing this latest illness they think it might be a parasite. Eek! Nothing stops these two sisters from smiling and having a good time.

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