Sunday, August 31, 2014

Monkey Business

Missionary Madi had a full week and was so thankful for it. "This week was sooooo much better. Because we actually got to work and we were so busy and we saw pretty much no success and still have like way low numbers but I don't care because I got to go outside and I know that I gave it my all. Such a good feeling and truly what makes missionary work so rewarding. Not the baptisms but just knowing that you are doing everything you can with what Heavenly Father is giving you. Maybe that is what makes life happy also."

Splits with the Sister Training Leaders!
It was sister dukes birthday so we surprised her with a cake and she claims she hated the attention but i know deep inside she loved it. and then we made them sing to her at lunch too it was fun :)

Missionary Madi shared the following with us. "I studied the plan of salvation this morning. It is so interesting. idk (I don't know) why but I have been thinking a lot about Gods plan for us and where we will go when we die and after judgement day and all I have to say is we are gonna be screwed if we don't get our crap together here on earth. This truly is our only time to prepare to meet God (Alma 34:32) so lets get going! I promise that any sacrifice we have to make now to get back to the presence of our heavenly father will be worth it in the end."
At the End of Day it is all just Monkey Business!

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