Sunday, August 31, 2014

4th of July - Happy Birthday America

Missionary Madi's favorite holiday just happens to be the 4th of July. She missed out on all of the parades, BBQ's and Fireworks!It will just make it that much more fun to celebrate next year. We miss her and cannot wait to have her back home safe and sound. "Happy Birthday America!"

It was late when she e-mailed this week. Past her curfew time that she must be back inside for the evening. Apparently due to her being sick she had to travel to Manila by herself to get her fingerprints and Immigration paperwork done in preparation for her return to the United States. It is a Love/Hate time for her. Missionary Madi really is not ready for her service to be over. She was  pleasant enough to take some aerial pictures from her flight to Manila. Finish Strong Valiant Sister!
Missionary Madi two extremes Greenwich Pizza at the Robinson Mall to real life in her mission area of Palo, Philippines. There is still a large amount of damage that is in the process of being repaired and rebuilt. She was amused by the polygamist family. Maybe not so different from Southern Utah after all.
Missionary Madi is able to entertain the kids during sacrament. I have searched the white handbook as she calls it and I have not quite come up with the exact page number where this activity is referenced. However I am sure it is there. I just have not stumbled upon it yet. The Children Love her Antics!
Missionary Madi is always happy when she gets to spend some time with this beautiful Sister. Sister Dumas.
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