Friday, February 22, 2013

3 Weeks

We are three weeks in and Missionary Madi is still doing great but struggling with the language. She is learning Cebuano.  People we have spoke with have stated that when they are learning a new language  have difficulties speaking it but can understand what is being said to them. Missionary Madi states the opposite she can speak it but has no idea what others are saying to her. She pleads for us all to pray for her to learn the language. She sent us some pictures of her companion and the Elders and Sisters in their district so I thought they would be fun to share.

Elder Matusala from Australia - Hair Dresser & Fashion Shows
My District
From left to right: Elder's Young, Murdock (District Leader), Benjiman, Rainey, Andus (not in district), Smith, Casuitt, Matusela (Aussie), & Steiner. Sister's Pike, T Swift, Schaap, Bingham & Goano.

District outside the Provo Temple

Sisters Bingham - Ogden, UT, Kramer, Scaap - CA, Pike - TX, Gnoas - Samoa

Sister Kramer's Companion Sister Gnoas or Lifa

Elder Young - he and Madi are making a Frooties chain.

Elder Matsuala aka Joho Minaj and the Sisters - Where is his companion.

Sister Kramer and her Aussie Mate.

The District

Sister Kramer and Elder Taylor & Elder Gee - Same guys she has spent the last 6 plus months hanging out with. Now sharing MTC time.


  1. Ahhhh she's so cute. I miss her so much. These pictures made me cry. You're doing a good job keeping up the blog DK!!

    1. Tiara - I seriously need you to come and school me in blogging. I need to learn to make a collage.... I have an idea but I need some skills to pull it off. :)