Sunday, February 24, 2013


Davis High School - Represent

Fuzzy District

Sister Kramer with her Samoan Sisters Sis Latai & Sis Vui

Love this snow Sister!

From the looks of things. Although Sister Madi is missed here in Kaysville by family and friends. It appears that her social life continues. It is difficult to over shadow her vibrant and outgoing personality. Letters home also assure us that she is her typical witty self. She is learning a lot. Mostly how to get along and live with complete strangers. Her first day doing her own laundry apparently was REALLY SCARY! There might have been a letter very recently explaining the basics of Laundry 101.

The Sisters

The Elders

Darts - Sister Kramer & Elder Gee

Sister's enjoying their Valentines

Poor Sick Sister Madi!

Sister Madi spent Valentines Day feeling pretty blue. No Pink or Red for her. She had a 24 hour flu bug and spent most of the day sleeping. Lot's of kids in close quarters makes for some
sick days.

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