Monday, February 18, 2013

Dear Elder?????

After several lists home I mean letters. We are starting to understand a little more about what Missionary Madi's daily schedule involves and what it is like for her to be a companion. She thought she would have an easy time adjusting, as she is a twin. She thought the whole being with someone 24/7 would be no big deal. Wrong big deal. She says having to ask someone to go to the bathroom with her is just "Strange". Watching her 22 year old companion Sister Gnoas or Lifa (she has two names) get a drink of water from the water fountain is "Strange". The hardest part of her time in the MTC so far is getting to know her companion. As they are so different. Madi is learning the language slowly but surely. She states she thinks she was a Spaniard in another life as she seems to understand Spanish  and zero Cebuano. In several letters she kept referring to herself as Elder and she also kept asking us to "Dear Elder her". I was so confused that I finally asked Kenzie (KK) "what the heck is she talking about". KK laughed and showed me which is a super awesome missionary website that allows you to set up an account and send letters to missionaries. They recieve the letter that day. Madi loves that I finally learned what Dear Elder is. There was however still letters coming where she referenced herself as Elder Madison Kramer. I figured the girl had lost her mind.
Missionary Madi's Plaque at the church. Pretty sure she is Sister Madison B. Kramer.

I stopped by the church thinking that her missionary plaque at the church would be an excellent reminder to all of Missionary Madi. The intent was to make a post on Instagram. I had not noticed until I stopped to take this picture that her plaque was indeed incorrect. Now the mystery of Elder Kramer was solved. I am sure that Bishop Smoot will be making the change to Sister very soon.

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  1. LOL, I read a reference to the "plaque" in Madi"s email on Monday. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Now that I know I agree completely with Madi, and think we should ask the Bish not to change it. It kind of fits our family perfectly a little humor is always mucho appreciated.