Monday, July 15, 2013

Buong - Insane Crazy

Missionary Madi never communicates with us without making us laugh. She is a little, OK a lot irreverent. But she stays true to who she is. There is always some silly antic that she is up too. She said she learned something this week:
Huya - means crazy Buong - means insane crazy - So don't call people the second one.
Eek! She Probably Did!
Missionary Graffiti
The Kids obviously love the Missionaries!
These Two Elders just completed their two year service. Apparently everyone teases Missionary Madi that she going to marry Elder Libre the Filipino Elder! Whew! Good thing it was time for him to go home.
The on going joke has been the many times that she has been called an Elder rather than the correct and appropriate title of Sister. So now she tells us the Elders have decided to start up a branch basketball team and of course decided that her and Sister Campbell need to be a part of it. Missionary Madi probably only agreed to play as long as she got jersey NUMBER 13 (TSwift Shout Out!).
Number 13 is a Baller!
Represent! That is what Missionary Madi Does!
Sister Kramer & Ryan Solante (I think) ^_^
Vampire Sister Diaries....

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