Monday, July 22, 2013


Missionary Madi had a big week. Wednesday she was told she would be transferred she was sad to have to pack up and move and leave all of the members in Matalom. She has loved the area and will miss the jungle life. She was not excited about all the work it would take to pack up all of her belongings and move to a new area, where all is strange and new again. She states that Ormoc is a large city and she does not love that. I think she had become accustomed to her simple lifestyle living a stones throw from the ocean. I think she was more concerned about the travel to her new city as motion sickness seems to get the best of her each time she travels. On a positive note she is pretty sure we will be able to fine Ormoc on Google Earth which she feels should give us some comfort.
All Packed for Transfer
New Apartment
Biggest Church in the Philippines
Missionary Madi finds it strange to now have a bishop and not just a president. It will be fun to see how things function in the city compared to the country. She is adapting well. She spoke in church on Sunday which she said was not bad as she typically speaks in sacrament and then teaches the other meetings as well. They are putting all of that talkative energy to good use.

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