Monday, July 22, 2013

It's a Girl....

In the words of Missionary Madi "What is President thinking". She is now a trainer/mama and met her new anak (not sure if this word means baby or trainee) her name is Sister Adasme from Iowa. Missionary Madi and Sister Adasme have a lot in common they are both twins and were both born in October. Missionary Madi will be a great trainer and I think her baby as she calls her is lucky to have such a fun loving trainer. Missionary Madi is working hard to set a good example and teach her new companion how blessed they will be if they are obedient.
Missionary Madi Trainer Mama meets Sister Adasme baby
Missionary Madi would not be living up to her reputation if she did not include a little harmless fun. Apparently there is a river or stream that she was required to cross that in her mind was almost swimming. She was super excited as you can see. She is working to learn her new area so she does not get her and her baby lost.
Super Excited to start working in her new area and super nervous all at the same time!
Almost Swimming!
Anyone up for a little hoop!

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