Sunday, September 29, 2013

Only in America.....

Missionary Madi had a tough week! Broke a tooth that was already bugging her (what you get for snacking on Skittles - yummy American treats). Her real dilemma was the fact that dentistry in the Philippines is still a little sketchy. They might be a little behind the American Dentistry Standards. However she found a reputable dentist who provided her some comfort. This week she will go back for a crown (hopefully it will not be GOLD and have SISTA engraved on it). Missionary Madi always keeps us guessing. Apparently she has had issues with constantly throwing up for the past two months and they cannot figure out why (again I am sure medicine is also just a BUNCH behind American Standards). This girl never complains and does not want us to worry. It takes some major occurrence for her to share a little more of the real story regarding living life in the Philippines. Surprise it is not all flowers and glitter living across the world in a third world country, but you will never hear her say that. Again our missionary is SIMPLY AMAZING!
I love the glass of water for rinsing. Actually looks reasonable, Right?
   Missionary Madi worst day EVER = Spilled Hot Chocolate before you even get a SIP!

Always happy and thankful for Sister Sevilla! Missionary Madi is fluent in Cebuano and Tagalog thanks to her.
Missionary Madi still likes to keep it real with a little American Flare. She 
was super excited to get her mommy love package with all the fixings for Chocolate
Chip Cookies. Add some ice cream and they turned that into one of her favorite 
treats from home. Pizza Factory dessert "Never on Sunday". Sassy fingernails with 
Glitter were one of her favorite past times from home. Fun! One thing she always 
Knows how to have with Sister Adasme at the Family Week Parade.
Love her smile - Hope she can keep those teeth until she get's home. Prayers for Missionary Madi!

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