Sunday, September 1, 2013

Missionary or traveling Stylist?

Missionary Madi apparently has decided that she has also gained some hair styling skills from her mother. Note to Missionary Madi - Just because you know someone who does hair does not mean that you can do hair. Sister Dumas is obviously a very brave and trusting young lady. This is one more area where I think the sisters are confused about having the lord on there side to protect them. They are constantly taking this promise out of context. 
Trust Me! I have seen this done before!

Who is your stylist? Missionary Madi - Interesting

There also seems to be another stylist in Missionary Madi's district. 
This elder calls Missionary Madi his big Barbie and likes to apparently do her hair.
Is Elder playing with my hair right now?
Poster Child for Filipino Child of God! Ymas, So Cute.
Frowny Faced Sisters - Apparently someone made them wait too long.....

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