Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rainy Days & Mondays

Missionary Madi and Sister Dumas got a little wet during a rain storm this last week.

It rained like a mother the other day. OK I shouldn’t say that sorry. It rained really hard and we got drenched. We were out for like 20 seconds in the rain from the street to our house and we were dripping so then of course we had to continue to play in it :) duh right? I didn’t get sick though so the Philis must be cray cray. They think the sun and rain on your head makes you sick. They walk around with like towels or bags (no joke bags) on their heads. I always think of the quote off of the Grinch “Why do you have a bag on your head?”
 the grinch photo: Grinch Grinch.png
Silly Sisters

For PDay this week the missionaries in Missionary Madi's zone got to go to a lake and do some exploring. Missionary Madi loved it however there might have been some complaining about not being allowed to do all the things the boys get to do. It is rainy season and Missionary Madi is not loving it. She says it makes her want to stay in bed and sleep. Lucky it looks like Monday was a beautiful sunny day!
Sister Adasme & Sister Kramer Twinpanions!
Polynesian Sisters = Posaway (Rule Breakers)
Utah Sisters!

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