Wednesday, October 16, 2013

linog aka earthquake‏

A magnitude-7.2 earthquake struck in the central Philippines on Tuesday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. At least four people were killed as part of a fish port collapsed.
The earthquake hit at 8:12 a.m. (5:12 p.m. Monday ET) less than a mile from the town of Carmen in Bohol province in a remote region across the Cebu Strait about 40 miles from Cebu City.
At least two aftershocks rated at magnitude 5.0 or greater followed.

Missionary Madi was able to e-mail us later that day to make sure we knew she was safe.
I am sooooo pasaway. what up nuccahs??? emailing on a Tuesday. you lucky ducks get 2 emails this week. too bad you are all asleep :// So you guys probably don't even care/know this but there was a earth quake here and I am fine. they just told us to go email so holla!! except If eel disobedient and naughty :/ but I'm not. It was actually a pretty scary earthquake hahah like we were sitting in our room doing personal study and the floor starting like shaking or swaying haha and then we were like what the crap? Then we all smarten up and figured out what it was so we went down stairs and stood there hahah we didn't know what to do we just stood there freaking out and swaying and then it was over. It made me motion sick too...ya I'm pathetic. then we  went to district meeting like normal and then to lunch then the zone leaders texted and said we could email our famz and tell us we were ok. hahahha what the crap right?? Ya we freaked like screamed and jumped up and down in the grocery store. So here we are but that is all I have to no worries people I am safe and sound and we have a fun day ahead of us!! We are going home after this and then to the mail and then to the movies. joke! we are teaching some peeps. I have a whole hour on here...I have nothing to say...I love and miss you all :) I am wearing dumas' skirt...we are teaching my least fav fam today....they are hard as crap to teach because they love to bible bash...we are also teaching one of my favs the ymas, we tried to visit them last night but they were all asleep at 7.... and also our new investigator brother ray the tricycle driver. he seems sooooo interested so we are excited :) ok that is really I got. bye!! love you all. have a great week again. I am soooo thankful to be here and for all of you and your support. stay golden

Sister Earth-Shakin-Kramer

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