Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Missionary Madi had a great week which included most importantly her follow up with the dentist. She ended up having a root canal and then will need to go in next week to get a crown. Apparently her dentist is a little strange. He speaks perfect English and then the creeper part is that he is always taking pictures of her and added her to his facebook (she is hoping we have changed her account to private). I want to believe it is just the novelty of having an American patient. Not the fact that she is tall, blond, blue eyed and beautiful. 
Root Canal & Crown = 10500 Pisos ($250.00 American)

Missionary Madi included in her family letter this week the Top Ten Things she has learned while in the Philippines. However the list stops short and she only really comes up with Five. So enjoy!

So the ten things I've learned in Phili are as follows:
1. Nothing is inappropriate or off limits. the more bastos (vulgar) the better. for example this last week we had a talent show at the church and they danced like joke...its like t clay up in here..and they love songs with swear words. I think they just like making us mishes feel uncomfortable.
2. Brown eyes exist. aka my comp. she lovesss the Philis. I'm gonna die when she marries one...don't worry bragaayyy I do not have brown eyes.
3. If it looks like chicken and smells like chicken and they say its chicken. its not chicken.
4. Heavenly Father knows us and loves us and is here for us. We have these one investigators that drive me crazy and are so hard to teach but I still love them. It's complicated. and they really are brilliant and ask bomb questions that are freaking hard so the last couple times we have gone there I am praying like cray cray that I will be able to help them and answer their pangutana and its amazing how much easier its gotten. I understand there tagolog and I can answer questions that are so hard. Heavenly Father really cares about every single one of us and wants to help us. just PRAY!! And read the Book Of Mormon erridayyy.
5. RM are freaks. pray for me.
That's all I got. The 5 things I've learned in Phili na lang...haha

Missionary Madi eating seaweed?
Sister Dumas has a new style!

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