Saturday, April 5, 2014



We are so excited that Missionary Madi has been able to continue to serve her full time mission. So thankful of her ability and desire to seek comfort, guidance and strength from her Heavenly Father. Providing her with opportunity to return to the Philippines Tacloban Mission and find peace in serving her people there. Being part of the solution to help and bless the lives of those who have lost more than they had.
A Golf Shoot -  You know people yell "FORE" when a wild ball might hit another group.
                    Epic Fail - The fact that I have to explain it!

"You are freaking me out with these travel plans! I hate it. But I am excited also.......I just don't want to think about it. I only have 18 p days left. Holy poop. PS no I didn't figure that out myself they counted for me."
"The other day we were teaching this investigator family who is soooooooo golden and awesome they are just way poor so it's hard for them to come to church and Tatay was bearing his testimony and I just started crying. I hid it tho cuz its lame to cry but it just crossed my mind that before I know it my mission is going to be over and I am not going to get to do this work every single day. It's a heart breaker. I  refuse to think about it." 
Hey baby girl! Ridiculous idea. A golf shoot. Which could be pretty fun other than it decided to rain today. Then it started snowing. Which you know made your sister want to snap my neck. It made it a fun celebration. We had fun and froze our bums off. Daddy is sick and also thought my idea was going to give him pneumonia. KK wanted to know why we did not do the pictures yesterday when it was warmer. Easy answer yesterday was not your anniversary. I am thankful to be allowed to celebrate your milestones. You are inspirational to me and to so many others. I love you and thank you for being a fighter and a warrior. I cannot wait to hear from you today! Love you to the EXTREME! Mamacita

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