Sunday, April 20, 2014

Return to Ormoc

Missionary Madi was so excited that they had a Zone Conference this week. In Ormoc! So wonderful for her to be able to travel back to the area she was serving in during the typhoon. They have felt guilt and worry for months after leaving the devastated city in November. Seeing her Filipino families and seeing the blessings that have come into their lives as they deal with the reality of the devastation and the need for them all to do their part to rebuild their lives and serve in the church. Less actives who have been blessed by service and have improved their life by serving the lord. Learning that so many were safe and rebuilding their lives brought peace and comfort to this sweet sister missionary. She loved spending time with President & Sister Andaya. They are being released in June and they love their missionaries. This will be a sad day!
Missionary Madi's Batch Buddy Sister Schaap
My Ormoc Family!
Missionary Madi apparently decided that Sister Adasme loved her birthday watch. So she gave it too her. KK and I thought we were the greatest sending her this fun little piece of bling. Glad it brightened Sister Adasme day (they both had birthday's in October & they are both twins). Missionary Madi was so excited to get to see her. They all traveled back to Ormoc which made them happy and I am sure was healing to see all those they left behind in early November 2013. Blessed! Miracles still happen.
Sister Adasme batch has hit there 9 Month Mark! Apparently Missionary Madi felt the need to get in on the celebration. Love this happy sister missionary. Missionary Madi is at her 14 Month Mark and probably wishes she could turn back the time and have 9 more months to serve. 
     She does not want to come home.                                               
Missionary For Life!
Missionary Madi and Sister Anderson dressed in their nanay dresses. They shower in the streets so these are there dresses that they wear while they are showering. I do not really understand what this means when she states "Showering in the streets" but I am sure it is pretty much just that. Only in the Philippines.

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