Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mothers Day

Sacrament Meeting in the Shepard Ward was the best ever. There are 18 missionaries serving from the Shepard Ward. The bishopric contacted each missionary and asked that they send a Mothers Day letter. A sibling of each missionary got up and read the letter. It was amazing. It was wonderful to feel if only for a small moment the presence of each of these incredible spirits. The thoughts that were shared were touching and it was one of my all time favorite sacrament meetings. We are extra lucky in our family as Kenzie, Missionary Madi's identical twin was able to share her letter. What a touching moment for our family.
Skyping with Missionary Madi was awesome. The connection was so much better this time. She totes forgot to tell me "Happy Mothers Day!" I made her tell me before we were done. Last time we Skyped for Mothers Day it was election day so the missionaries could not work so she was able to talk as long as she wanted. This time it was one hour and she was being obedient. It was awesome to see her face.

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