Sunday, May 4, 2014

Name That Movie.......

"This week has been soooooooooooooooooo sick. Seriously jam packed of miracles. I really want to share them all with you but I am so lazy to type....jk jk I'll do my best. First we are swarming with new golden investigators."
Missionary Madi and Sister Samayla have so much fun together. They are keeping busy and love teaching the gospel in the Philippines. They are being blessed to find those who are searching for the gospel in their lives. She is learning to rely on the spirit to lead and guide her. "Being led by the spirit is such a cool feeling. It is really the key to missionary work gihap." Bringing the happiness of the gospel into the lives of those she meets and teaches is what it is all about.
"Funny story of the comp has braces and a little kid asked her the other day "sister naa ka sing sing sa imong ngipon" or you have rings on your teeth.
It was funny for us....I have a Phili sense of humor...."

Missionary Madi Lou Who! Looks like she is serving in Whoville and has some very Whoville Hair. 
Missionary Madi and the whole branch were able to participate in a community service project. They went and provided some assistance with yard work. They did some sweeping and pulled weeds. From her pictures I would use the word "work" loosely. It looks more like they had more fun acting out scenes from Harry Potter than working. Check out the Phili version of the Nimbus 2000. They look like professional Quidditch players to me. Service with a smile (and a machete)! P.S. I learned water in the blue containers is for drinking.

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