Monday, April 8, 2013


Missionary Madi is doing great and loves the area she is in. However humble this area is it also incredibly beautiful. Here is a glimpse of the beauty that Missionary Madi finds herself surrounded with. It is a good thing that she is so Obedient as I can see that she would love to dip her toes into this beckoning ocean. Especially on those 86 Degree plus days with almost 80% humidity.

Sister Kramer her Companion and a member in Matalom.

Incredibly beautiful Tree House. Looks unreal!

Sister Kramer and some crazy Beast! 
We were mocking Missionary Madi about this animal as we asked her what it was. She told us a cow or Caribou. We laughed as we new it was not a caribou but it is actually a Carabao (cow) - Swamp type domestic Water Buffalo.
Very dehydrated FROG!

This is the view from her front porch.

Amazing view of the Ocean.

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