Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Fun to hear from Missionary Madi this week. She is enjoying what she considers her "weird world". Life is so different for her in the Philippines. Drinking bottled water so she does not get some crazy inside eating worms, hauling water in jugs to her home, eating weird foods like squid balls, living with crazy huge spiders (King Kong - her pet name for her spider room mate), being attacked by cockroaches (hope this is an exaggeration), speaking a foreign language, living a very simple life in an incredibly beautiful country. They traveled about an hour away from Matalom to Maasin for a zone meeting and zone interviews. In Missionary Madi travel style she got car sick and made her trip not so fun. She had a baptism this week and she thinks it is the best feeling in the world. Her goal is to have one every day for the rest of her mission as it made her so happy.
Missionary Madi's Zone - Only 4 Sisters Wow!

We got our first letter from Missionary Madi in the Philippines.  So excited to feel like we will actually hear from her now and then. She wants us to look at resorts in Maasin as they are close to where she is in Matalom and to Tacloban. She is planning where we should stay when we come to pick her up in July 2014. Missionary Madi wants us to work on talking the Stake President into releasing her before she comes back to Utah so she can swim in the ocean. Silly Girl! She did state that she has Elder Shields (Ostler's relative/friend), Sister Robinson (Sara Jackson's friend) are in her area. Small World - However Weird!
Sent April 1, 2013 from Philippines Received April 16, 2013 in Utah


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