Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Missionary Madi Selfies

Once in a while you have to revert to your pre-missionary life. Taking snapshots of one self is called a selfie. Missionary Madi was particularly skilled at this prior to leaving on her mission. So here is a shout out to Missionary Madi Selfies..........

Shout out to Lovie (you know who you are)! Love Missionary Madi's Silly Self!
Proverbs 4:26
Ponder the path of they feet, and let all thy ways be established
There is the famous "Thinker" now the famous "Ponderer" Looks serious.....
Finally what we have all been waiting for. Missionary Madi and I talk about her shoes a lot. I am constantly entertained that she does not wear the expensive, well made, conservative, missionary appropriate shoes she purchased prior to leaving on her mission (might have been the endless laughter each time she would put them on to model for everyone). But really is this truly a better option?
Rubber boots gone rogue - Amish? Mennonite? Hutterite? Some kind of ite?

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