Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Luxury Living

Missionary Madi is quizzed weekly about her living conditions and how she goes about the simplest tasks. Missionary Madi never complains and will most definitely have a whole new appreciation for the basic necessities of life upon her return to America. I think we will all agree that we totally love our washer and dryer compared to hers. Notice the stool provided for her comfort while scrubbing her clothes. However the stool and baskets are festive colors of pink!
Laundry Missionary Madi Style!

I personally am super happy for the luxury of a toilet with running water. Her dad requested this picture of her toilet. I find the empty toilet paper holder "Alarming". Different world to say the least.
Could Be Worse! Toilet Paper Please....
 Then there is the matter of her pets King Kong and his girl friend Goliath. Missionary Madi informed her dad that spiders are the devils creatures.
Missionary Madi is not a fan of these super sized spiders!

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