Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day - Technology - Skype - Worlds Apart

Missionary Madi was able to Skype with us for Mothers Day. She contacted us a little after 7:00 PM Sunday in Utah (9:00 AM, Monday in the Philippines). It was so fun to see her and speak with her. She was a little awkward and shy at first but it was not long and she was her old self. She showed us at one point after we had been talking for quite a while that she was still shaking. It was crazy seeing the internet cafe in the back ground. She was in a small little closet type room with a pink curtain behind her. Once in a while a random Filipino man would be peering in watching her. She said it is common for people in less private internet cafe's to come and sit by her and read what she is typing. The connection was pretty good the picture was choppy if she moved much. A few of her friends came over and she loved how beautiful they all were. We talked for hours. The missionaries were not allowed to work on Monday as it was election day in the Philippines. So there was no time restriction. Her dad was content after speaking with her he stated " She is happy, no one smiles that much if they are not happy, She was all smiles." It does a daddy good when his daughter is so far away. You want to know that they are happy. Love our Missionary!
Happy Twins! It was hard for Kenzie to say goodbye XO

Beautiful friends (Jenni, Jaj,Tiara, KK) and their Missionary! Handsome BK - He definitely had Missionary Madi's eye.
Cyber Missionary Madi
Loved her little ear phones. It was extremely hot and they were sweaty.
Cyber Kisses - Missionary Madi not impressed.

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