Saturday, May 25, 2013

Zone Conference - Phili life

Missionary Madi had Zone Conference this last week! She loves this time I think it refuels her tank! Looks like the sister missionaries are increasing in numbers.
When we spoke on Mothers Day it was election day in the Philippines. Elections are a big deal and the missionaries were not allowed to work that day. Missionary Madi states it was crazy with flyer's and political propaganda everywhere in the streets. So on Thursday they had a service project to clean up the streets.
Political clean up - service day!

Missionary Madi continues to attempt to become accustomed to bugs and spiders and snakes (yes, snakes) that invade their inside living space. This week they had a big spider that she called "a runner" Sister Sevilla had to kill this one. But Missionary Madi one upped her and killed the snake that got into their apartment. This is absolutely one of those moments being a fly on the wall would have been priceless.
The Runner - Ewwwwww - Zero tolerance - Spider had to die

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