Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Then & Now

Missionary Madi was able to send over some fun pictures while she was at the internet cafe on Mothers Day (Monday May 13 Philippines). Some are from back in the MTC and others were some of the members in her village. I cannot remember exactly what she called it but they do not consider it a ward as it is to small. Neighboring areas with more members have a branch but where she is they do not call it a ward or branch.
Elders & Sisters with their MTC Teachers

Missionary Madi with her Elders Gee, Blotter & Beyer and Sisters who all serve in Philippines. Elder Blotter came to our house to see us while he was waiting for his Visa to Spain. He is also a twin.
Elder Justin Blotter (he is a twin also) With Missionary Madi's Twin - Kenzie

Sister Kramer was in love with the little boy all in camo! Marites (right) is an investigator who wants to be a member. Mirashine is one of the members. Missionary Madi states "they are both going to be trouble" because they are beautiful.

Tacloban Airport - This is where Missionary Madi arrived. A little smaller airport than we are used to.

Missionary Madi's Desk. Keepsakes from home. XO

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