Sunday, May 12, 2013


Missionary Madi's e-mails are always entertaining and full of items one will burst out in laughter over. Here are a few of the highlights from this weeks letter.

So the people in the Philippines are very superstitious and Missionary Madi met a woman who was expecting. The woman approached Missionary Madi and asked if she could take her picture. She explained to Sister Kramer that they believe that whatever they look at while they are pregnant, is what the baby will look like. If they look at the thing (in this case her picture) too much it will make the person sick. So Missionary Madi asked that we pray for her health.

I made a calendar for Missionary Madi with pictures of her friends and family. Of course I included the handsome and extremely tall BK (Braden). Her companion who is Filipino and very small called him Ugta - Like the Filipino Big Foot. I am sure he does seem extremely large to them (he is extremely large to us). But Big Foot - I don't think so. Missionary Madi states they call her Ugta too.

Due to the fact that it was Fast Sunday Missionary Madi had a Big Mac Patti Attack. She had a dream about McDonalds and she wants a Quarter Pounder W/Cheese so bad (aka Big Mac Madi)!

Her companion was ill for three days so Missionary Madi finally resorted to reading her own journal. She thinks she is hilarious. However she was a little disturbed at how hard she was laughing at herself. I know exactly where she gets that from.

Watch out for blond blue eyed Filipino babies, Big Foot, & American Burgers.

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