Thursday, August 8, 2013

6 Months

Time has flown yet it has been so long since we have seen your beautiful smile. 

It is always nice that Missionary Madi's friends come over to show their love and support for our girl. However our numbers are dwindling but for all the right reasons. Elder Braden Koelliker (Tennessee Knoxville Mission) and Sister Jennifer Smoot (Rancho Cucamonga California Mission) both left in July to serve full time missions. We miss them but are so happy for their choice to serve. Missionary Madi is awesome and takes each new chapter of her missionary experience with an everlasting smile on her face.

Happy Mess waiting at home
Missing Elder Koelliker! Lucky Tennessee
I love that Elder Koelliker is 8 feet taller than his Mission President
Beautiful Sister Jennifer Smoot

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  1. so cute!! And i'm never there for the month mark pictures :( haha