Saturday, March 2, 2013

Akong Pamilyia - Kamusta Ka?? Maayo Kaayo Ekaw!!

This week Sister Madi has been a little scatter brained. Her and all the sisters she bunks with missed their alarm clocks going off for their early morning temple session. So they slept in and went to the temple later than normal 7:40 AM rather than 6:20 AM. Which is still pretty early in comparison to what time most 19 - 22 Year old's would be up and going. Kenzie text me at 10:22 AM asking why Madi had not written us yet (Yes we are desperate to hear from her Monday mornings). I told Kenzie that Sister Madi  better be meeting with the Prophet as no other excuse would do. She e-mailed me when she got on-line finally and she asked if she really had to write us today because she was feeling lazy. You all know exactly what my response was "YES"! One needed a Urim and Thummim to translate her Monday morning e-mail. I figure she deserves days like that.

One fun fact is that Jason Schow featured in previous posts and referenced as my nephew (Sister Madi's cousin) who served in the Philippines 4 years ago and also spoke Cebuano. Has went and volunteered at the MTC the last two Thursday's and Sister Madi has been able to teach him. I of course am so thankful that she can have a little piece of home and family and wish I could be Jason for the hour or two he gets to be there. I now know who she teaches. Prior to this knowledge these were my ideas of how they came up with investigators while in the MTC.

Sister Madison B. Kramer & Jason & Caitlin Schow - Sister Madi's volunteer investigator
Previous communication:
When you teach someone do they come there? How do you find these people? Are they homeless people they (Yes, The Mormons) use for spiritual testing? Perhaps BYU students who are on academic suspension who can only get back in school if they listen to the discussions.

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