Sunday, March 31, 2013


Now that our amazing Missionary Madi is in the Philippines all contact seems to have come to an abrupt STOP! While she was in the MTC it was so easy to get post to her on a daily basis if that is what we desired (which I personally DESIRED - it is a mom thing). I loved to talk to her daily through the postal service and Dear Elder (greatest invention in the world). We also enjoyed the letters we frequently received from Missionary Madi. However I have now been reduced to sending package after package, letter after letter, pouch mail after pouch mail, Dear Elder after Dear Elder to have none of them received by Missionary Madi but one that was sent may I mention through good old fashioned US Postal Service. Missionary Madi's Uncle Kelly who just happened to decide to send her a letter on the Saturday before she left the MTC (March 9, 2013) is also one of the first letter she receives. Keep in mind I have sent many at this point. Apparently there is a lesson to be learned here for me. I will let you know what that is once I learn it. Patience might be a part of that lesson.
Notice my special stickers. There is a better chance she will receive the contents of this package due to that sticker.
One special story that is a little testimony builder for me. In Missionary Madi's last e-mail she mentioned that she had to speak in church and she used the talk I sent to her. I had totally forgot about the talk I had sent. While she was in the MTC I was writing a Dear Elder to her and decided to step up my game and put in a quote from someone who could offer a whole lot more inspiration than her mom. I found a talk I liked on from the Ensign. I copied a quote or two (I seriously do not even recall what the talk was on or who gave it). I took my moment of insanity a step further as at this time I was writing in the present and in the future to Missionary Madi. I printed the talk and decided to put in with a card and letter I was sending to the Philippines hoping it would be there when she arrived and again be a little more exciting than just hearing from me AGAIN! I even went to the post office and decided I should have printed the talk double sided so it would weigh less. So I was back to my office to copy the talk over again. The whole time I kept thinking "Why am I sending this talk"? I even considered just taking it out and mailing the card without the talk. Now weeks later I totally understand the small miracles that our Heavenly Father allows us to partake of if we just follow his promptings (crazy or not).

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  1. I love it Mama, thanks for keeping this up. It's so fun to see what crazy antics you will be up to next. The scarf picture made me LOL total Madi face. I guess we know where she got it from.