Monday, March 18, 2013

Sister MK has Arrived - Hell-o Philippines

We finally received our first communication from Missionary Madi this morning March 18, 2013. We had not heard from her since her layover in San Francisco on Monday morning of March 11. We knew she had motion sickness so we were pretty sure the rest of her trip was not going to be that much fun. 14 hour flight + motion sickness = BLECK. Missionary Madi is 14 hours ahead of us in the Philippines so we checked the e-mail all day hoping she would write in the morning (her time). Loved hearing from her and getting pictures that show us a glimpse of her new world. She is totally in love with where she is and is to busy to be homesick.

Mission President & Wife Jose V. & Yolanda B. Andaya. Sister Kramer & her new kauban.

Beautiful Sister Missionaries

WELCOME - Bee Sting! In your eye - OUCH!
The Polund family & friends

Missionary Madi's first SPIDER! She does not love the bugs and bugs and bugs.

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