Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Package to the Philippines

Sent our first communication to Sister Madi in the Philippines. We will be able to track it and determine for the future how long it will take to get packages to her. Hoping that it arrives prior to March 13, 2013. Pretty cool that Missionary Madi should arrive in the Philippines on the13 day of the month. She celebrates the 13th of each and every month in honor of her favorite person Taylor Swift. I assume there will be a T Swift tshirt hidden under her Missionary outfit the day she travels. :)

Package Contents Value - Approximately $7.00 (Picture/Frame -$6.00, Notepad $1.00)
Postage cost value - $23.99 (10'.5" X 16" First-Class Pkg Int'l Svc 1 lb 9.30 oz)

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