Sunday, March 31, 2013

Boots and Scarf........

The Three Boxes - Ah! The Boots and Scarf.

While Missionary Madi was in the MTC she seemed to have a very special and deep love for her gray scarf and red plaid boots. The boots were actually Kenzie's and she let Missionary Madi take them to the MTC with her. Perhaps those boots made her feel like she was still close to her twin. As you all may have noticed I have referenced these boots a few times in previous postings on her blog. I could not understand why she was all dressed up and then would have on "the boots". I would actually ask her "WHY"? She informed me she was cold and they kept her warm. The other item of clothing was her gray scarf which is totally cute but do we really have to wear it with everything? Even our work out or preparation day clothes. So I was totally elated when I opened the boxes she left behind to find these two familiar items. I am sure Missionary Madi is going through withdrawals however. 

What will Missionary Madi do with out you?

Oh! My! I promise you won't see this again.

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