Sunday, June 15, 2014

I was born in Utah! But I grew up in Phili!

How amazing is this picture. When we think our life is hard. Look at this picture. This is HARD!
Missionary Madi and Sister Duke were able to prepare a booth and speak to people who were attending the graduation for newly-trained Filipino Carpenters. She loved being able to be creative and share the gospel in a new way.

"We got to do this cool finding thing this week. So there was this graduation thing for all the people who helped build houses after the typhoon and if they finished this program thing then they get this certificate that Elder Christensen (a 70) gives them. Ya he came here but we didn't get to meet him :/ They made us leave as soon as he showed up but it was still cool to see him. Anyway we went like 32 hours before the thing started and stood outside and talked to everyone about the temple and plan of salvation and how they can be together forever with their families. It was really cool. Everyone I talked to was a member tho....I guess everyone needs to review.....haha but other people found some investigators and over all it was super successful. It was so fun to do finding like that and be creative with it. I made everyone make posters.....:) You can work crafts into all parts of life. Kramer Doctrine."

Graduation Ceremonies Held for Newly-trained Filipino Carpenters

Church program provides materials, tools and training in typhoon recovery

Salt Lake City — Mormon Newsroom
Graduation exercises were held in the Philippines for 620 carpenters who are building shelters following Typhoon Haiyan, locally called Yolanda. Family members and friends of the trainees attended graduation ceremonies on Wednesday, 28 May 2014, in Ormoc and Thursday, 29 May, in Tacloban.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is providing construction materials and tools to provide shelters for displaced families, and the recipients are providing the labor. So far, 3,210 homes have been built by the carpenters, who are receiving their government certification and a toolbox from the Church. The training will provide the graduates a livelihood since there is a great need for skilled carpenters in the typhoon-stricken areas of the Philippines.
“The Shelter and Carpentry Graduation is a celebration of Filipino resiliency,” said Elder Brent H. Nielson, area president of the Church in the Philippines. “The typhoon may have damaged many things but never the Filipino resolve to rise above the challenges around him. Many things have been accomplished after Yolanda. We will continue to serve our brothers and sisters as we follow the teaching of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to help others.”
The typhoon hit the central part of the country on 8 November 2013, killing hundreds of people and destroying thousands of homes. The province of Leyte was one of the hardest hit areas, including the cities of Ormoc and Tacloban where the shelters are being constructed.
Ricky Gonzalez and his family took shelter in a chapel when the typhoon struck. “We knew we needed to help one another so that the building of shelters can be completed quicker,” said Gonzalez, who is a master carpenter tasked to help others learn the skill.
Hundreds of Filipinos are being trained in carpentry and basic construction work under the tutelage of master carpenters who were brought in to assist with training through the Church’s Perpetual Education Fund (PEF). Under the program, the recipients are given the opportunity to own their own home after they construct it as well as four others.
On Wednesday, more than 300 trainees certified as skilled carpenters, who have built 1,402 shelters, participated in the graduation exercises at the Ormoc Stake Center.
“Today is a celebration of happiness and a brighter future ahead,” added Ricardo Aban, a stake president in Tacloban.

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  1. Hi! This is Elder Burton's mom. Elder Shield's aunt. I can't tell you the joy this blog gives me. Your daughter is amazing. I will miss knowing she and Elder Burton are serving together when she comes home. I would love to meet both of you! Thank you for sharing her experiences and pictures. Kelly