Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sister Pike - Until We Meet Again

Sister Pike was in Missionary Madi's batch at the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center. She has had health issues throughout her mission. President Andaya finally told her enough. Time to go home sweet, valiant sister. Missionary Madi does not like the reality of going home so this stirred up some sad emotions of her mission also coming to an end. Sister Pike knew she had served her Heavenly Father well and bid a adieu to her missionary family in the Philippines Tacloban Mission.

"Breaking news! My batch Sister Pike went home :/ It's so sad. She has been sick her whole mission and so president told her last week she just needed to go home. She hated the idea but prayed about it and she is gone now. I was so freaked out. It's sad she won't be going home with us but Heavenly Father obviously had another plan for her. Sooooo weird to see your batch going home especially when she was pumped."

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