Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sister Kramer

Missionary Madi and her zone went to the beach to celebrate Elder Burton's birthday. The weather is very hot in the Philippines and she said that they all had a blast but wished they could go swimming.
Average Temperatures right now 91 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 plus percent humidity.

The Seasons

There are only two official seasons of weather in the Philippines and they are:
  • Dry Season (tag-araw) – November to April
  • Rainy Season (tag-ulan) – May to October
There are other “unofficial seasons” and they are:
  • Winter/Cold Season (tag-lamig) – November to January
  • Summer/Hot Season (tag-init) – March to May
  • Spring or when things grow (tag-sibol)
  • Autumn or when things die off (tag-lagas)

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