Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just Roll With It!

Missionary Madi had an interesting week. Sister Duke and Missionary Madi are happy to be in their new apartment. However it is not so awesome when you go to leave your new apartment to go work and your door does not open. They had to call the Elders to come and break into their apartment and then break them out of their apartment. Life is always interesting for the Sister Missionaries. It is a good thing these two are always smiling, laughing and  able to just roll with whatever the day brings. Being a Sister Missionary in the Philippines is not for the delicate. Especially serving in Palo.
The Sister Missionary's are well protected in Jail (their apartment). They sleep upstairs. Somehow the Elders broke in through the second story to come in and repair the door for the Sisters.
"Oh funny story of the week. We got locked in our house for like 4 hours the other day. So our door is messed and warped from the storm so when we closed it we would have to like slam it and so the other night we slammed it and I guess I slammed it a little too hard and then when we went out for studies the door wouldn't open so then I kept trying and then I broke it...and the knob was just spinning endlessly hahaaha. So we called the elders and they took like 2 hours but they came and broke into our house in the upstairs (picture attached) where we sleep actually...yes outside haha anyway and then they went crazy on our door with a hammer. Yah they weren't really thinking.....I should've stopped them and offered them a screwdriver but it worked I guess. And now we have a new door so all is well hahahaha it was so funny and so random."

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