Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Companion

Missionary Madi was surprised and excited to welcome her new companion. Sister Campbell is from Australia and was in the MTC with Sister Kramer. Typically they would have had her serve with another trainer but she states they skipped that and they are two white girls sharing the gospel in the Philippines. They have already had some great experiences and Missionary Madi says that she cannot believe what she has accomplished in such a short time. Her testimony is growing in leaps and bounds as she knows that she is not alone in this. She is being blessed by a loving Heavenly Father who is teaching and leading and guiding her to those who are in search of the gospel.
New Sister Missionary Companions - Sister Campbell & Sister Kramer
Missionary Madi says that her and Sister Campbell are the only two in their batch (missionaries that arrived from the MTC at the same time) to be together. She does not know what the mission president was thinking. It is also a little scary to be just with another white girl. They have already had some interesting experiences. But not to fear - they are protected. 
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