Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sister Babies.......

Missionary Madi continues to WOW us!

Beautiful Blond Filipino Missionary Madi!
It is always fun to hear from Missionary Madi. Sister Kramer and Sister Campbell were in the MTC at the same time. She refers to them as co comps. I asked her what that meant. She said because they are both babies and have been in the mission field for such a short time neither one of them are the senior companion. Because they are sister babies they are full of energy and excitement and are both working so hard to find those in search of the gospel. Missionary Madi states that they are being blessed and have had their hard work bring them success. They love preaching the gospel. They had two of their investigators show up at church and it was the happiest day! Success! 
This is an extremely BIG leaf!

These girls are both blond as you can see. Apparently Sister Campbell has locked Missionary Madi in the bathroom on several occasions, she is left to call her name until she is released from her bathroom prison. Sister Campbell struggles with Cebuano (she speaks it well but does not understand what is said to her) and Missionary Madi says she keeps agreeing to terrible things as she agrees with everything people say to her.
Sister Campbell and Missionary Madi obviously have fun with each other.

As always Missionary Madi reminds us of the beauty that surrounds her. All of which pales in comparison to our beautiful blond missionary.
Sweet Sunsets
All is well.......

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