Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Missionary Madi experienced her first transfer. To her surprise Sister Sevilla was transfered on to be a trainer and Missionary Madi was left behind and got her first companion instead of another trainer. She will really miss Sister Sevilla they were great companions and enjoyed serving together. She was an answer to our prayers for Missionary Madi. We prayed her first companion would be enthusiastic, full of energy and on fire like Missionary Madi. She was all of those things and more. She made the transition form the MTC to living in the Philippines a wonderful experience for Missionary Madi. They will miss each other. Missionary Madi will forever be grateful for all that Sister Sevilla taught her.
Sister Sevilla and Sister Kramer - Fun loving companions.
 Notice Sister Sevilla's new super cute shorter haircut. This was after three different salon's cut her hair. Two bad hair cuts, plus one good hair cut and she has a new cute do.
Missionary Madi! Represent! Sister!
Beautiful Sister Missionaries
 Missionary Madi will miss Sister Lourdes Sevilla. She transferred to Tacloban on Tuesday, June 4, 2014
Sister Sevilla's last Family Home Evening in Matalom

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