Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Missionary Madi Mania

Big week for Missionary Madi. We will start with the mundane and unexciting things such as the ceiling falling in above her bed during a huge rain storm. In the words of Missionary Madi "Gross!"
Luxury Filipino Accommodations!
Then there is this small, yet frightening creature that was first spotted on the door into their apartment. What is this creepy creature? A BAT! Not a good roommate to accept! I informed Missionary Madi. She stated that there might have been some screaming and screeching coming from their hiding place under the table where they hid as the bat flew wildly around the kitchen. This is when they realized this creature had taken residency in their apartment and they have no idea how to serve it a eviction notice.
Missionary Madi's Edward!

I did contact the mission office to let them know that I was a little concerned about bats and leaks in the ceiling in her living quarters. However I am afraid that this is probably right up there in timeliness as the notification of her safe arrival in the Philippines.

Missionary Madi had us send her a jump drive with music on it. When she got it only two songs worked "Sisters in Zion & Army of Heleman". They loved the two songs, but you can only hear the same two songs over and over again for so long. She stated she paid a member way to much money to put some more songs on the jump drive for her. It seems to have made her really happy.
Gospel Rock Concert! I do not think the devil horns work with gospel music.

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