Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elder Kramer/Skin Issues Update/Monkey Caves

Prior to leaving on her mission Missionary Madi was informed that her plaque that hung at the church was in the name of "Elder Madison B. Kramer" rather than "Sister Madison B. Kramer". She found this delightful. Well the Elder title continues, her zone t shirts that they just received lists her as E. Kramer instead of S. Kramer. Maybe there is a change coming in the church we are not aware of. When she first decided to serve a mission Kenzie excitedly told her "you get to be an Eldress (no such title in the church)!" Perhaps Kenzie was correct after all.
Sister Sevilla, Sister Culango, Sister Pettijohn, ELDER KRAMER
Missionary Madi's foot condition was not caused by Bee Stings as I assumed. Due to her method of communication I apologize that I am somewhat mislead now and then. I cannot go back and erase my previous blog entries so you will just have to come along on this ride with me. Her foot that was so bad is improving but now her other foot has similar conditions. I am amused that she totally does not think it has anything to do with her humorous rubber shoes. Notice how the condition is basically right where her open soars are. If you ask me this equation pretty much sums it up (heat + humidity + bare skin + hours of walking daily + unclean conditions + cheap rubber shoes = Mad Foot Disease)!
Rubber Shoes - Need I say More As Si would say "You don't need to be a physician to diagnose this."
Missionary Madi is happy to be able to work again. She was feeling pretty down for the time that she was not able to work due to her foot condition. She is excited to be able to fulfill her desire to serve the people of the Philippines. She has had some fun adventures with her travels to Tacloban to see the doctor. As always she meets each new challenge with a heavy dose of humor and "walks it off" as she tells her dad. We are so proud of this brave little warrior.

Another visit to the Monkey caves for her preparation day!
Monkey See, Monkey do

Missionary Madi Loves her "Sick, Korean Popstar T Shirt"
Beauty - Always love the SMILE
Some of that humor I was talking about! :)
Missionary Madi - Tattoo Tease - "I got a tattoo KK" Recycle, circle of life, what goes around comes around.....

Device they listen to music from a USBS (jump drive)

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