Sunday, June 2, 2013

8 Dayz Homiez

Sister Madi has her travel plans. She leaves March 12, 2013 from the Salt Lake City Airport at 8:00 AM has a layover in Seattle, Washington (So tempting for Kara, Perry & Family - Her sister who lives in Tacoma, WA). From there to Tokyo then Manilla. Oh! My where has the time went.
Super fun week got to see Elder M. Russel Ballard speak at there devotional. She learned to not call her companion sickos(which is super awesome and cool in America) but her companion (kauban) thinks she is saying she is sickly and does not appreciate being referenced to in this way. Missionary Madi tried to explain but her kauban that it means your cool not unhealthy but she is sure that her kauban does not actually believe her. It is only slightly obvious that Missionary Madi is beginning to grow and understand the mission that she has taken on. She will do great!

Missionary Madi's District

Temple with her Philippine Sisters

Charlie's Sisters????

Sister Kramer & Elder Kyle Green

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